Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wild Animal Safari - Pine Mountain Georgia

 Serengeti of the South - More
Wild Animal Safari is a 200 acre animal preserve located near Pine Mountain, Georgia. The Richardson Tribe has visited the park several times, which is a pretty powerful endorsement in itself. Maybe it's because we love animals so much.

The park has two attractions:

The Serengeti Adventure is most publicized part. This is an hour-long drive-through safari that brings you face-to-face with dozens of very unique animals (see pictures). You can drive your own car (not recommended), ride in a tour bus, or rent your own zebra safari van. We prefer to rent the van because we have control of our pace and when and where we stop. The vans are nasty, but you can always shower later. If you decide to drive your own vehicle, be aware that some of the animals have large horns and are very clumsy. Additionally, you will certainly
get some mammal slobber on your car's interior at some point during the tour. Food can (and should) be purchased in the visitor center when checking in. Feeding the animals is a major part of the attraction.

The second attraction is called the Walk-About. This part of the park is more like a typical zoo, loaded with incredible specimens. You will certainly be impressed. The animals all seem to be very well cared for, fat, and happy. You'll get a little closer to the animals than most zoos allow. The park features ligers, a cross between a lion and tiger. They are the largest cats, and trust me, they are huge.

There are many appealing factors to Wild Animal Safari, but perhaps its location is the biggest plus. Wild Animal Safari is located near Pine Mountain, Georgia, a very quaint little southern town. Just a few miles up the road is Callaway Gardens, a popular southern family resort. Franklin D Roosevelt State Park and Roosevelt's "Little White House" are also popular destinations. We have camped at the state park and really love it. However, without full hookups in the campground, extended stays are difficult. We have also camped at Pine Mountain RV, a very nice PB&J endorsed RV park just minutes from all the local attractions.

For more details and lots of pictures, click here.


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