Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lake Winnepesaukah - The South's Amusement Park - Since 1927

Lake Winnepesaukah is located in Rossville, Georgia near Chattanooga Tennessee. Affectionately known as Lake Winnie by the locals, this park has entertained multiple Southern generations since opening to the public in 1927.

During the Winter of 1926-1927, the park's founder built the "Boat Chute," a unique splash ride that still operates today. People came from Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain, and all over North Georgia to chill in the cool spring water on hot Summer days. The Richardson Tribe enjoys hearing stories from Rebecca's Mom about visiting the park on a date with her father over 60 years ago.
As the years passed, rides were added, improved, expanded, and updated. A mini-scale train track was built around the park's perimeter, and a nice long antique car track was also added. Eventually, a substantial wooden roller coaster was added. The legendary Cannon-Ball roller coaster is named for the Civil War relics often found in is area around the turn of the century. Chickamauga, one of the most notorious Civil War battlefields, is located very near here, and many skirmishes took place all around North Georgia and Chattanooga.
Today, there are a good many rides for a wide variety of ages. We loved bringing the kids when they were very young, because there are lots of kiddy rides. 2011 is really the first year that we've been able to enjoy the big kid rides, and there are more than I thought. Click here for the links to the attractions, more about the park, and lots more pictures.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chester Frost Park

Chester Frost is a beautiful municipal park located near Chattanooga on Lake Chickamauga and the Tennessee River. The greater portion of the park cradles Dallas Bay, a great little fishing hole with direct deep water access to the Tennessee River. Chester Frost Park features picnic shelters, an enormous beach, awesome playgrounds, incredible fishing, beautiful campgrounds, boat ramps (with adequate parking for boats and trailers), and unbeatable sunsets.

Sunsets. That's a subject in itself. I have to apologize in advance for the seemingly disproportionate number sunset photos on Chester Frost Park's PB&J page. Regardless where the day takes us, it's usually concluded with the sunset from Dallas Island. Every evening is like a brand new light show.

Chester Frost Park is very near Chattanooga and its many attractions. Chattanooga lies at the base of Lookout Mountain on the mighty Tennessee River. Lookout Mountain features numerous tourist attractions that are just cool enough to be "must sees". The Incline Railway, Ruby Falls, and Rock City are classic and historic tourist attractions, all located on the mountain. For a bit more natural experience, down the ridge is the Lula Lake Land Trust, and at the Chattanooga Nature Center is just up the ridge on Lookout Creek.

The city of Chattanooga also has many features that should be seen. The Chattanooga Choo Choo, of course, is a historical old train station with a hotel, restaurant, and sleeper cars. Just down the road is Ross's Landing, name for Cherokee Chief John Ross. Ross's landing hosts many events, and most are free. The Tennessee Aquarium is located at Ross' landing as are River boat and "Duck" rides. Museums, restaurants, theaters, parks, the river, a great zoo, outdoor concerts, and an awesome bike path also make this part of Chattanooga very very nice.
Also near Chattanooga is one of our favorite old amusement parks, Lake Winnepesaukah, AKA "Lake Winnie." This old park, founded in 1926, has a rich history. For people in the Tennessee Valley region, this is the place you take your kids. It's the place your parents took you. It's the place your grand parents took your parents. The park does not rely on tradition to bring people back though. They have managed to keep the fun atmosphere while honoring the tradition of their past.

So, why all this about Chattanooga on the Chester Frost page? Well, if you want to visit Chattanooga, and you want to stay in an RV, Chester Frost is the place. Before you book anywhere else, PLEASE send a message on the Feedback page. I'll tell you where NOT to stay in Chattanooga. More...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Chattanooga (and Chester Frost), here we come!

We'll be spending the next week or ten days near Chattanooga, Tennessee at Chester Frost, a beautiful county park on the Tennessee River.

Chattanooga has so many things to offer, writing about them will keep me busy for a long while. Besides spending time on the river in the boat and canoes, we'll probably visit Lookout Mountain and the incline, Rock City, Ruby Falls, maybe the Chattanooga Nature Center, certainly the downtown waterfront bike path. We visited the aquarium very recently, so we'll probably try to do some other things downtown. Oh, and there's the zoo! I wonder if there's free music this weekend! I want a Lupi's pizza!

We're so excited!