Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jellystone Park - Cave City Kentucky

Yogi oversees the minuature golf course.
Never a Dull Moment
Rebecca had a training session to attend in Louisville on this particular week. We decided to head that way a few days early so we could visit Mammoth Cave National Park. I'd traveled through the area before, and I camped at Jellystone Park in Cave City. Frankly, I hadn't planned on staying here again. My image of the park was from the perspective of someone that really loves the natural surroundings and large campsites of state and national parks. Jellystone is all about amusement and fun. In all fairness, Jellystone Park does have some very nice surroundings.

As I researched and planned for this trip, I could find no better alternatives to Yogi's place. Questionable reviews and the lack of good photographs made the selection of another campground a scary proposition. In hind-site, I'm thankful. There might have been a mutiny had we stayed anywhere else.

When we first pulled into the park, the kids immediately began to take note of the amenities. Statues of Yogi and other Jellystone characters suggested fun. And fun it was!  I had a pretty big problem finding a site that would easily accommodate Homer II (our camper) and the Jeep's trailer. Most of the sites are very high on one end or the other and/or from side to side. I watched as other campers arrived and began to set-up. Regulars seemed prepared to do some pretty major jacking to level their RV's. I also observed that the best sites are the first to be reserved by those that are familiar with the campground.

The kids were never bored.
When the setup job was finished, I rounded-up the crew and loaded them in Willie B (our Jeep) for a ride into Mammoth Cave National Park. The park was very impressive. We saw considerable wildlife on the way to the visitor center. After purchasing tickets for a cave tour, we headed out to explore. It didn't take long for everyone to start begging to go back to Jellystone Park. A "Hey Hey Hey" Ride was beginning very soon. And so it went for the rest of the weekend.

We did make the scheduled cave tour on Saturday, and it was fascinating. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We drove through the national park's campground, snapping some shots on the way back to the Jellystone Park where we spent the balance of our time.

This was certainly a favorite destination of Rebecca and the kids. We enjoyed the exceptional miniature golf course, painted ceramics, sang karaoke (Kara-Yogi), watched an outdoor movie, sang songs on hay rides, made s'mores, ate waffles, played bingo, and thoroughly sucked every bit of fun possible from Jellystone Park. 

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