Monday, March 21, 2011

Visiting an Old Friend

Fort Mountain State Park
The Tribe gets around. We like to see new places and do new things. But sometimes, it's nice to visit an old friend. Sometimes a sure thing is better than a gamble. This is a very busy time of year for our family, so, to decompress, we decided a to visit an old friend, Fort Mountain. It's a mystery to me why more people don't take advantage of parks like this in the Winter and early Spring. We enjoyed 70 degree weather in paradise, practically by ourselves.

It was a little chilly first thing Saturday morning, so we decided to take a short ride in "Willie B" the Jeep. Fort Mountain is located adjacent the Cohutta Wilderness. We wanted to see if we could spot a b
ear, and maybe do a little rockhounding around the water falls. We founds lots of quartz of varying colors of blue and green, just the kind of stuff in which gold likes to hide.

When we got back to Fort Mountain State Park, we put the canoes in the lake and spent the rest of the day paddling around, fishing, and playing at the playground on the opposite end of the lake. We closed the day with a beautiful sunset, games, hot dogs for the kids, and a delicious grilled steaks with baked potatoes for Mommy and Daddy.

Altogether, it was just about as perfect a day as I can remember. Fort Mountain can get a little crowded in the Summer, especially the beach. But camping here this time of year is a no brainer. We can't wait to come back to see our old friend again soon.

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