Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Moto Mountain ATV Park - Fairmount, Georgia

Moto Mountain ATV Park is located near Fairmount in North Georgia. It's very convenient to Atlanta and Chattanooga, just about 20 minutes off Interstate 75 from Calhoun. It is also near some of our other favorite destinations like Fort Mountain State Park and Carters Lake. 

Check-in is at Motorcycle Bob's, a local icon situated on Highway 53 east of Fairmount. This little shop sells gas, rents motorcycles, ATVs, and helmets, serves food, and sells various other supplies and trinkets. The ladies behind the counter are very nice and eager to make your visit pleasant. Once you sign the release forms and pay-up, it's a short jaunt to Moto Mountain. As you enter the park, you will begin to see the many trails to your left. Pretty cool!
The area has obviously been logged, and I would assume many of the tracks are remnants of old logging trails. The large property is covered with snaking one-way trails that resemble motocross tracks in some places. There are mud bogs, jumps, and numerous play areas all for the powersports enthusiast. There are some places you may want to avoid with novice riders, but for the most part, the trails are in pretty good shape and not incredibly challenging. Don't get me wrong, when we first arrived for our visit, I was a little apprehensive about whether the kids could handle the mud and hill climbs, but they all came through wonderfully. It was actually a great learning experience for them. Additionally, all trails are one-way making riding much safer for everyone.

The environment itself is made for motorcycle and ATV lovers. There is a culture there that, if you are not familiar, could be a little scary at first. There is a lot of dirt and mud, and lots of machines running around, but it's all pretty safe. In fact, we camped at the back of the property near the Pee Wee Play Area and had a couple of nice long trails virtually to ourselves. Note: If you are a citified yuppy that doesn't like to get your fingernails dirty, STAY AWAY! 

The folks that run Moto Mountain are down
to earth good-old southern country folk (and I mean that as a compliment) that bend over backward to make sure you visit is the best it can be. If you are camping, they'll come by and check on you, even dropping-off some firewood if you wish. Thanks guys! You made our visit to Moto Mountain feel safe and comfortable.

Moto Mountain is a purpose-made retreat that is designed for one thing: riding. Yes, there are other amenities they offer like a zip line, but off road riding is what it's all about. If that's what you seek, then you won't be disappointed. In summary., we can't wait to go back (but we'll need to save-up a little). We suggest a family plan.

For lots more pictures, a video, a review, and a journal entry about Moto Mountain, click here.

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