Thursday, August 9, 2012

Chehaw Park (The Parks at Chehaw) - Albany, GA

Family Adventures with Wildlife
Homer the 1st, our first camper at Chehaw
Chehaw Park (also known as The Parks at Chehaw) is located in south central Georgia near Albany. Named for a local Creek tribe, Chehaw was originally one of Georgia's first state parks. Like most of Georgia's parks, the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) was instrumental in Chehaw' Park's construction. After a series of improvements (including a zoo), the park was deeded to the city of Albany. The city has done a wonderful job of maintaining the park.

Chehaw Park has several features that make it attractive to visiting families. There is a spacious and beautiful campground with large full-hookup sites, a massive mega-playground, and, as I mentioned before, a top-notch animal park/zoo. Additionally there are hundreds of acres of pristine south Georgia pines draped in Spanish moss to explore. All the park's amenities are accessible on foot, bike, or by car. Because it's so level, and the inner roads are so well maintained, we really recommend taking bikes to Chehaw.
For lots more details about Chehaw, read the Adventure Journals and view the pictures on Chehaw's dedicated PB&J page. We rate this park very highly, so you will not be disappointed. See over 150 pictures of Chehaw!


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  2. I’ve been researching about the parks and wildlife that exist nearby, and Chehaw is one of the best parks I’ve seen. As you see, there are just two accredited zoos in Georgia, and this park has maintained its devotion to conservation, preservation and education of people on the significance of the environment. There are lots of things to enjoy in this park, and I recommend this to those who want to have some relaxing trips! :)

    Daphne Michaels

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