Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rocky Mountain Recreation Area - Armuchee Georgia

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Rocky Mountain Recreation Area is located off the beaten path in Northwest Georgia near Armuchee (pronounced ar-mer-chee). The 5,000 acre park is the product of a partnership between Oglethorpe Power and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Rocky Mountain Recreation Area is a wonderful local resource that is almost free ($5 parking fee) for the public to use. There are two lakes, a beach, a playground, and a beautiful campground with water and electricity.

The campground is filled with tall hardwoods and pines that go right down to
the edge of the water. As can be expected lakeside camping sites are not very level (typical for lakeside campsites), but they are large and shady. Non-lakeside campsites seem much more level. One of the best things about Rocky Mountain Recreation Area is the ability to pull your fishing boat (or canoe or kayak) right up to you campsite. You have to make sure to secure your watercraft though because water levels fluctuate based on electricity demand. Water is pumped into a reservoir on top of the mountain during low-demand times, then released to generate electricity as the demand increases. It's like a battery.

The fresh lake water provides more than just electricity, it's also a cool refuge from the heat of the day. The beach is big and sandy, and the water is cool and refreshing. The park's beach is pretty popular with the locals, so it can be just a little crowded on holidays and weekends. Fishing is another way to enjoy the lake, and fishing is great here. Antioch lake is known for largemouth bass and sunfish, but there are plenty more species than that in the lake. Rocky Mountain Recreation area's second body of water is Heath Lake. Heath Lake is open the first ten days of each month.
Rocky Mountain Recreation Area
is a great place to get away and relax. All activities here lend themselves to peace and quiet. If you want some additional adventure, the park is planted in one of the best areas for adventure. It's near Rome, Taylors Ridge, James H Floyd State Park, Ridge Ferry Park, the Chieftains' Museum, Cave Spring, Cedar Creek Park, Rome Braves Baseball, the Heritage Park Bike Path, and so much more. This is one of our all-time favorite areas in north Georgia.

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